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FiolaSoft Studio
Based in Czech Republic

Release Date:



PC (Windows) / PlayStation 5 / Xbox Series X|S


Unreal Engine 5

Czech & Slovak Media contact:

[email protected]

Worldwide media contact:

[email protected]


MATCHO is the first ever Match-3 FPS - a unique game which merges frenetic shooting with quick decision making. Start your new epic journey with Max and his friends as he tackles a mysterious alien invasion that could lead to curing his illness and saving the Earth.

Fight in action-packed arenas and explore intricate areas in story-driven chapters - all that with breathtaking visuals and an insane arsenal of abilities including the freedom of parkour movement. Inspired by titles like DOOM, Portal, Mirror’s Edge and Candy Crush, this is FPS like you've never experienced before.


MATCHO Announcement Trailer

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You can download the high resolution of videos via our studio’s Dropbox Asset Pack.


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Logo & Icon

MATCHO icon - dark background
MATCHO icon - transparent/white background
MATCHO logo - transparent/white background
MATCHO logo - dark background

You can find icon and logotype as vector file in our Dropbox Asset Pack.

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About FiolaSoft Studio

FiolaSoft Studio - dark background
FiolaSoft Studio - transparent/white background
MATCHO logo - dark background
MATCHO logo - transparent/white background

You can find icon and logotype as vector file in our Dropbox Asset Pack.

About studio:

FiolaSoft Studio is an independent development studio based in Czechia. The developers focus on creating games inspired by the synergy of various genres and blurring the conventional boundaries. That’s why every game made and every project created is endorsed by the vision of creativity. They design games where players overcome challenges and make meaningful decisions. They believe that’s why gamers love their games – not because of the best graphics, nor the excellent gameplay design without flaws, but because of the “something special” their games have once they’re done. Internally, they refer to this development style as “crystal design”, which is shown in their logo design.

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