Earth is in a crisis,
but you can save it

Follow the story of Max during the treatment of his strange illness
and watch him and his friends take on an alien invasion of an unknown origin.

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Synopsis of the story

Meet Max, a 25-year old, who has spent the past 8 years locked away in Triagon laboratories, located deep underground. Triagon has been trying to cure Max's illness - a very dangerous outburst of anomalous energy. Since there isn't any permanent cure, Max is dependent on Triagon's technology.

Just as he has begun to accept that this is how it will be for the rest of his life, everything changes with the appearance of Thomas Jetsen. He informs Max that the Triagon Facility Leader has been kidnapped by strange, bug-like creatures from outer space.

What’s even more peculiar is that the measured energy signature of the alien bugs is apparently identical to Max’s.

This is where Max’s story begins. He will now go on a quest to save the Triagon leader, find a way to get rid of the space insects, and, most importantly, understand the nature of his unique skills. For years, this weird energy considered a curse now seems to be a blessing that could save humanity from an unknown threat. But the clock is ticking.

Can he find the cure and save the Earth?

Matcho characters

Key features

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  • From ZERO to HERO – our own modern take on the super-hero genre
  • Branching narrative, choose the outcome of the story
  • Cutscenes are captured with motion capture
  • Intense and clever tactical fighting
  • Dazzling visuals powered by Unreal Engine 4

Arcade Mode

The second mode in MATCHO is a stand-alone skill-based Arcade mode. It contains a separate spin-off story with a progression system that is virtually endless. It can be played even before you go through the main story and vice-versa.

You start without any powers. By playing each map and completing challenges, you can level up and receive new abilities.

Complete different challenges and compete in online leaderboards. The game will feature 3 main endless maps. There are going to be more surprises and secrets in this mode too, so we won’t spoil much.

You can also switch Arcade mode into a ZEN mode and just chill while shooting bugs and vibing to an immersive soundtrack.

  • Go through a separate and challenging campaign focused on your skills
  • Compete with others in online leaderboards
  • Unlock different maps and abilities
Matcho graphics
Matcho graphics


We know that playing with friends is fun! And playing Match-3 Deathmatch or Bug Hunt is even more fun! Challenge your friends to participate in intense battles with catchy rules.

  • Enjoy playing matches with friends
  • Up to 4-player versus or coop
  • Invite your friends for free (*friend pass)

Please, be aware: Multiplayer will be available later as a free update.

Coming soon

We still need time to finish working on the game. But in the meantime, you can check out our newest development diary videos or see the game in action on our social media and our official YouTube Channel.

We will update this page as the development progresses.

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